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for licence plates of 520 x 110 mm, issued since 2001


  • products approved by Ministry of Transport, no. 1866/2004-150-SCH 2
  • min. quantity - 2 pcs
  • ATEST 8SD 2982
  • recommendation: install the product on your car in pairs
  • the product is designed for installation by owners of district-format licence plates, as per Order no. 243/2001 of the code (e.g. 1A5 00 00, 2B6 00 00, ...); on other older types of licence plates (ABC 00 00 format), the licence plate carriers with integrated EU stripe must not be installed
  • installation to your car possible after 1st July 2004 (the Czech Republic joined EU)
  • blue EU/CZ stripe in a reflective blue make
  • sophisticated fixtures for easy installation on all types of vehicles
  • complies with terms of licence plate installation free of rivets or screws
  • complies with EHK/OSN standards
  • extremely wide printing area for your advertisements supplemented with three unique fields of 37 x 25 mm for your logos
  • anti-vibration elements
  • excelent polish of the product facing side
  • flexible noncracking material tested by Institute of motor vehicle research
  • now supplied with EAN barcode upon customer´s request
  • installation manual attached