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These are self-adhesive labels proving the following properties:


  • surface finish is made of flexible transparent resin
  • 3-D effect is created by application of a thick layer of resin
  • labels with this surface treatment are scratch-proof
  • labels are colour-stable, even if exposed to sun radiation
  • labels are weather-proof
  • they can be applied to all smooth surfaces (even to grain-texture surfaces, if a special treatment is applied), to both flat and bended surfaces
  • there are almost no limits as to shape and size; the maximum label size is 100 x 50 cm
  • thanks to writing in two axes, the advanced technology allows production of labels of any shape and letters or signs of any type
  • using these labels, even special areas of car interior, key fobs or badges can be produced


Acrylic 3-D labels and tags can only be applied to perfectly clean surface free of dust and grease. The ambient temperature must be at least 15°C. If the temperature is lower, the label must be preheated.